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Jared B. Anchondo
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm just a drunk with a Pen and a pad. I would like to think of myself as a comic artist, but that would be insulting to Actual comic artist.

I do draw a lot of comics, and it is my main artistic focus, but alas, I am a Terrible writer. So some of the story have a good premise but lack in fundamental story building. As such, I abandon most of them only several pages in... But I'll finish one yet damn you!

I also like to paint, I dabble in photography, and activities include fishing, shooting, spelunking, rock climbing, canyoneering, Bowling, and all around public drunkenness.

If you have any questions or need to reach me, feel free to drop me a line. I love when my message box get full, or if anything else you can try finding me here #Gotterdammerung

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     Well look who's updating their journal after only two months instead of two years. Yes yes, I know its a shocker, but as a new years resolution to be more active with my art, I also wish to be more active with the dA community. So following in that manner lets just lead straight into tonight's topic.

CWI(Commenting While Intoxicated)
     This is something that I've just recently rolled out, but have actually been doing for a while now. I've just recently found a good name to coin my late night folly which is why I'm now ready to share with the rest of you.
     Every so often from time to time, I find myself several beers into my late night wined down routine and think to myself. "Hey, I should go on dA and comment on some of the new deviations/users." So I would. I'd log in from my windows powered smart phone and begin browsing the front page of deviantART looking for anything that caught my eye. I'd also head over to dA today and select new users at random. Once I'd be at a deviation or new user page, I'd just drop a friendly comment and then disappear into the night in my inebriated wanderings.  At first I had no clear cut goal in mind, but as I now see it I suppose I do. In reading  WorldWar-Tori's journal on Activity vs. Community, featured in DevNews(along with other groups), I realized that what I had been doing might actually be helping the community in some way.
     Up until just recently, me getting sloshed and then commenting had gone as an unnamed late night hobby. It wasn't until about a month ago that I started coining the term "CWI" or "Commenting While Intoxicated" when I would post such comments. A few of you might have even seen them around. When post whilst drunk I would always leave the tag "You have just been involved in a hit and run by a user who is CWI(Commenting While Intoxicated). Have a nice day." It was more or less to imply the randomness of the encounter along with the fact that I was actually intoxicated while at the helm of my dA account.
     So the real meat of what I'm trying to say is this: While deviantART is one of the largest growing communities in the wold, to the individual deviant, it can still seem like a small place. You have your little groups that you belong to, and your devote following, but you never seem to expand beyond that. Some deviants do. Whether it be through community projects or hosting contests, or just popping around to different chats or forums, we should all try to shore up the bonds that tie us to this vastly unique website. Commenting While Intoxicated should be more of a mind set and not a physical state of mind. While yes, drinking alcohol does lower inhibitions and deteriorate good judgment, sometimes it also allows you the courage to talk to people you other wise would be to timid to reach out to.
A final summery and challenge for you.
Ok, so I started this little farce with some beer and my smartphone. Yes, I was drunk, but yes I did reach out to deviants that I might not have otherwise. Am I telling you to get drunk before logging in? No. What I'm challenging you to do is to let go of the bashfulness and just throw comments out there. Every CWI I have ever left was on a positive note. I did inform the user that I was in fact intoxicated and they can only take that at face value, but if we all spent a little more time reaching that random person, maybe we can just brighten a few peoples days. I think that the premise that I'm aiming at is that anybody, sober or otherwise can pop onto a deviant's page or deviations,hit them with some random kind words and then bounce out.  In all honesty would it really hurt so much? DeviantART has been trying to get people to do it for a while now. I remember back in the day when you could Fav someone's work and there would be no prompt to leave a comment. This was put there for a reason I'm guessing. So my challenge to you is to get a little beer in your system(fictitious beer or actual, I'm not telling anyone how to live) and go do some hit and runs on peoples pages to help spread the dA joy!
     I am in no way encouraging under age drinking or drinking while driving. Just merely a fun way of thinking up a new way to interact with people who would normally be outside your scope of fellow deviants. WorldWar-Tori Has already committed to being a part of this revolution. While her and I have been adults longer then a lot of people have been members and we choose to engage in this activity totally under the influence, there is nothing saying that we won't participate in the same effort while sober as well. An I'm sure that there are other deviants who already preform similar practices to what I'm suggesting and I'd hope they'd be willing to join us. So with that being said, everyone is welcome to join in on our little bit of fun, and I hope that you'll all feel the same way.

Key notes to remember.
  • You do NOT have to drink to participate.
  • Messages should mostly be a t random, trying to reach deviants you might not have otherwise.
  • Messages should always be positive and uplifting towards your fellow deviants.
  • Have some F@#king fun with it!    

     This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Mtn-Man. Being true to form, I was totally drunk while writing this, and thank god for spell check or this would have been a disaster. Also to note, it took me about thirty minuets to formulate my thoughts and like, an hour to get it all onto this journal. So next update I bring you I think I'm gonna have about five less beers in me before I start. Until next time my fellow deviants, Laters.

-Mtn. Man

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  • Reading: Swan song- Robert McCammon
  • Eating: Stone- IPA
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