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The Rioter by Mtn-Man
The Lament Of Death by Mtn-Man
Reasons Unkown by Mtn-Man
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Also, if you want your own design on a shirt, select the commission below, and then head back up here to purchase the shirt once the design has been made and done up for you. 
T-shirt Designs
RIOT CONTROL -edit by Mtn-Man
The Lament of Death by Mtn-Man
Inktober #6 Reasons Unknown by Mtn-Man
If you'd like your very own design or want me to design a shirt for you, that can also be accomplished! This section is just for the "Design" portion of the commission. So for $10 I can design, or re-tool your image to get it printable to shirt. We use a special printing machine, or can also do vinyl heat press to transfer the image to the shirt. 

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Tipping Out Your Tuesdays. Falling Over Drunk, Every Other Day

Take a look at all of Mtn-Man's Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tip: Sometimes You Eat the Bear... "...And sometimes, well, he eats you."
    Hey there everyone! Yup. That's right. You guessed it. I'm back to boggle your minds, torment your thoughts, and to Tip your Tuesdays! :dummy: That's right folk, your friendly  inebriated neighborhood Mtn-Man here with a new installment of Rising-Artists Tuesday Tip! This time, oddly enough though looks as though I'm going to be working in some strange order that makes this tip fall in line right after my last two. "Chronological order...? That seems to neat and tidy for Mtn-Man, My heavens what is wrong with him?!" Well honestly, this tip is actually going to help lead into my next tip so we're going to experience this weird trend where everything will make sense soon. :O Crazy... 
    Ok, enough pleasantries. Last week was all about getting setting up and choosing our tools to begin the process of doing some sketching and pencil work, that can either be taken to full completion with pencils,
Tuesday Tip: Get Off The Phone, I Wanna Get Online   
"Why can't you make your phone calls from the fax line?!"
    Hey there everyone! Just your friendly inebriated Mtn-Man here to bring y'all another fabulous Tuesday Tip! Ok ok, I know its probably about high time I got around to explaining the names I've been coming up with for my tip titles. Yeah, I Should explain them... but I kinda like leaving them as a running inside joke.... Known to just about no one but me. So deal with it. ;P
    Ok so jumping off, let me first explain that this week's tip is something I wrote a while ago, and while I had something else planned, a thunderstorm drowned a few power lines, one of which providing my internet. Later all of my neighborhood lost power. So this tip is a rewrite being done on my phone. I assume it'll be a while till I'm able to log into my computer to check it, but hopefully it doesn't look too bad. 
    So this week lets talk about our tools of the trad

Tuesday Tip: I Forgot to Feed My Tamagotchi"A Tamagotchi died today in Las Vegas."
    Hey there! Just your friendly neighborhood Mtn-Man Here to bring you another riveting Tuesday Tip! As per the norm, all this will be coming to you from the keyboard of an inebriated individual who likes to share! :ahoy:
    Ok so if y'all haven't guessed from the title, I will be talking to you today in reference to literature! Yes, that's right, the horrible literary bastard who couldn't write himself out of a wet paper bag is gonna talk about writing. Go figure... :shrug:
    What we're actually going to be discussing is something that a lot of people try to cope with all the time in the art field, and not just literary folks. Even people who draw and paint and such I think can benefit from some of the knowledge I'm about to attempt to impart with you. What our real focus today is going to be on is Character Building! So lets get going eh?
Character Building 101
Tuesday Tip: Jump In dA Line, Rock Yo Body In Time"OK! I believe you!"
    Ok everyone its that time of the week again for another awesome tip from your drunken neighborhood Mtn-Man! So last time I was able to talk to y'all it was about the human figure, and I gave you some rough guide lines and a whole bunch of rambling. So today we'll be continuing that discussion featured in my last Tuesday Tip, entitled Move Yo' Body, Every-Everybody
    Ok, so just a little quick refresher, lets talk about gesture drawing. A gesture drawing is work of art defined by rapid execution. Typical situations involve an artist drawing a series of poses taken by a model in a short amount of time, often as little as 30 seconds, or as long as 2 minutes. Gesture drawing is often performed as a warm-up for a life drawing session. 

Tuesday Tip: Move Yo' Body, Every-Everybody    
"Move yo body, come on now everybody"
    Hey there people! Just your friendly neighborhood Mtn-Man here to bring you another one of his lengthy, drawn out, long-winded Tuesday Tip! I am a dummy!
    So, as some of you might or might not know :iconrising-artists: has recently started hosting an advice column for members to ask questions to the admin team. Well, for our most current advice column, the questions all seemed to be centered around one specific topic: Anatomy. Not all questions were exactly the same, so for this tip, I'm pretty much just going to do a basic run through of a bit of human anatomy, proportions, and gesture. 
Human Anatomy
    Many artists debate the question, “Why should you study anatomy?” But it’s less often that you hear an equally important question: “How do you study anatomy?
Tuesday Tip: The Colors! The Colors Duke!    
"I'm colorblind kid."
    Hey everyone, Mtn-Man here, and today we're going to be talking about Colors! :dummy: More over we be addressing more of the theoretic's about color,  and not so much doing a coloring tutorial. Why is that you ask? Well if you haven't seen any of my art... I SUCK AT COLORING! :shakefist: However I do understand color theory, and as painter I actually do quite well in that area actually. So today I'm going to impart a bit of that knowledge with you so that you can begin to understand color better, so maybe in that respect you'll think about it a little more before you go to color your next piece. 
Color Theory
    Yup, that right lets go ahead and jump right into this. So color theory encompasses a multitude of definitions, concepts and design applications, enough to fill several encyclopedias. However, there are three basic categories of color theory that are logical and useful: The co

Tuesday Tip: Line Me Up, Give Me That Carlton Fade"Now, this is my brother Carlton. We can't afford new clothes, so he just doesn't grow!
Ha ha, I like to add jokes to the titles sometimes( yeah I need a hair cut though...)but seriously now...
Lets Talk 'Bout Them Lines
    YES! That's right, after all the shenanigans about sketching last week, this week we will be discussing how to tighten are rough work up and pull it together. 
    Now most of this again is just going to be me running my mouth(or keyboard as it is) about the different ways to go about Line Art and Inking. I'll give a bit of my take on it and impart some wisdom from others, while still being just vague enough to let you all try to find your own way around it. As discussed last week, trying to find your own way helps to create your own personal style. The same is true with how you ink or line up your piece. One of the biggest things is just that; Inking and
Tuesday Tips: The Rough StuffRough Art And Sketching
    Ok, so as the title states, today we're going to be talking about "Rough drafts" and "Sketches". Some of you out there are probably thinking, "Why Mtn-Man? this is so basic its below me even as an amateur, why beat this dead horse?". The answer I have to that question is... "BECAUSE!"
    Anywho, no, we're going to talk about this because as young and amateur artist begin to get better, sometimes they lose sight of the basic tools and skills they used to get where they are today. I'm in no way saying everyone does, but with the pressure to keep producing more and more art, some people do.
The Importance Of Sketching
    Sketching is the fundamental building block for an artist.  It is used to develop a personal visual vocabulary.  Sketches are visual exercises in problem solving and provides the opportunity to:
hone your observational skillsexercise and develop

Tuesday Tip: Show Me Your Hands!         So this is going to be the first of several Tip Tuesdays put on by yours truly here. So just bare with me for the next few months, as I'll be doing them bimonthly on the second and last Tuesdays of each month. That is, until I've exhausted all of my "useful" knowledge, but hopefully I will be able to impart some good stuff for people out there looking for some tips to improve their art along with other things. 
Jumping off!
    So for my first installment of Rising-Artists Tip Tuesday, I thought I would start off with something I know a lot of people ask about but would be rather easy to show you...
Yes that's right, I'll be going over tips and tricks to drawing hands. I know because of the demand for advice there are already a ton of tutorials out there, but I figure one more couldn't hurt. Even though I am by no means a master of drawing hands myself, I've done enough life drawing classe



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    I don't think anyone caught the reference last time, so this ones a bit more obvious.

    Yup, that's right... Its me again, drunk as ever, trying to impart some artistic knowledge to the masses. To my credit, I did most of the foot work before the weekend, seeing as two of my best buddies celebrated birthdays, and football and blah blah blah, I knew I'd be a bit saucy, sitting in my front yard, drinking a beer and trying to type. So if my other tips seems to be incoherent, this one will probably still take the cake...

    Moving on... So in the last discussion we had, we broke down how we go about creating a new character. Well so this week lets talk about finalizing that character in Black and White. I know a lot of you probably do character designs and then go straight to digital to finalize color and concept alike. I think though you're missing a very crucial step. That being... Black and White. 

There's Blood in the Ink

    There are plenty of things to think about with inking whether traditional or digital alike, like form, light, shadow, contrast, etc. It can seem very complex and there is certainly too much to go over here, but in keeping it simple there are a few important and common elements that an inker must consider and use in most inkings as a skill set. 

Certain stylistic approaches aside, there is very little that is more boring than a line with no variation. It’s flat and lifeless. It’s visual interest and dynamics are very important to the overall look of the piece. It gives a drawing life, movement and energy. Line weight adds mass, form and a substantial quality to a two dimensional image. 

Total logic with respect to line variation isn’t necessary. Sometimes you add weight to a line to make something seem heavier or more substantial, or to place it solidly in front of another object, or to emphasize a light source… but sometimes you do it just to add some interest to the drawing. Ink blobs, and other accidents can often be “happy accidents” because the spontaneously add some interest to a drawing that might otherwise be very sterile. Something that I find to be a bit lacking in digital inking due to our good friend Ctrl+"z". However, where you place your thick and thin lines either digital or traditionally depends greatly on your own drawing style and sensibilities.

Spotting Blacks

    This term means adding areas of solid black to a drawing in a very deliberate manner. This can serve many purposes, like establishing depth, moving the eye across the page, creating strong contrasts, establishing strong light sources or to define form and mass. Many inkers begin a piece by spotting the blacks first but its something I do here and there. I tend to just jump around a whole bunch.

    In terms of black and white art, it’s surprising how many ‘colors’ we see every day would register to our eyes as solid black if we suddenly saw the world in black and white. The values of most darker reds, blues, violets and greens will be plain old black in a black and white world. Try squinting your eyes at a room sometime and look through your eyelashes at the area. All you will see is values and vague shapes when you do this. See how many objects you thought about as a color turn completely black. If you're going to be coloring an image, you don't have to be too heavy handed in spotting out blacks, but as a well known comic book artist told me "Having your blacks down solid, is more than half the battle. Once you can be on point with inking and your values, that's when you can start worrying about colour." He told me this after I said that I probably wouldn't work in colour if I'm ever able to self-publish any of the comics I have in the works. He complemented my inking and told me to keep at it. I was pretty happy. :nod: 

The Fun Begins

    Ok so for this next part I turn in my keyboard for a stylus and you get to feast on my atrocious hand writing. This is where we break off though from the normal "Black and White" inking phase and start to really mess with value more. Something I like a lot of ink work or "Line art" lacks from time to time. so whether you're going to colour your piece or not, value needs to never be overlooked or forgotten in your overall composition. 

Inking Tutorial by Mtn-Man

Signiture Stamp Small by Mtn-Man

Skin by SimplySilent


Jared B. Anchondo
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I'm just a drunk with a Pen and a pad. I would like to think of myself as a comic artist, but that would be insulting to Actual comic artist.

I do draw a lot of comics, and it is my main artistic focus, but alas, I am a Terrible writer. So some of the storys have a good premise but lack in fundamental story building. As such, I abandon most of them only several pages in... But I'll finish one yet damn you!

Most of my paid art jobs are in tattoo consultation artwork and t-shirt design sales. I have sold several paintings to private and public clients, and I've dabble in photography and sculpting. Activities I enjoy for fun include fishing, shooting, spelunking, rock climbing, canyoneering, Bowling, and all around public drunkenness.

If you have any questions or need to reach me, feel free to drop me a line. I love when my message box gets full, or if anything else you can just note me.

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