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Vacation mode activate!

        Alright, its 8:00am, just got off work an hour ago, and its the start of my week long vacation! Its so nice to finally get a break from the day to day grind, and get paid for it! So being that I'm gonna have some extra "me" time, apart for taking care of my kids and such, I'll be able to start rolling out MOAR art! :la: Though it'll probably come in a few days, seeing as tomorrow is my birthday and I'm probably going to rage real hard this weekend. :ahoy: I don't consider myself the dA Drunk, but in some regards... Its probably fitting. My whole last journal entry was all about drinking and leaving feedback for people while doing so... So... :paranoid:

       Any who, any of y'all that have been following along with my art know I just did a piece entitled It's All About Me: My Meaningless Existence. Which is like you'd guess, staring Me and is about me. This is just going to be a brief spoof on some of my antics, habits, and personality quirks to help my audience better get to know me without being to formal with some long drawn out boring bio or anything of that sort. Also, I think it will help people better understand my mind a bit, so that people aren't thrown for such a loop when I roll out some of my other story arches that I have in the works. So, as it stands, I have completed the first 3 pages, inked and all. I'm just waiting to upload till I have 4 and 5 finished. For this little tale of drunken debauchery I have decided to string 4 to 5 pages together at a time so its more fulfilling to my audience who probably hates me for doing a page here, then have to wait months or years for the next page. So I've set myself a goal to have the 4 to five pages done every two weeks so that I can maintain a bi-monthly upload cycle that I might or might not keep you all informed on. ;p

        So to sum up this little update, Its All About Me sets to debut its first five pages on Tuesday, July 29, or sometime around then... Depends on how much I have to drink that night... Along with some other random pictures I have in the mix. Like that digital WIP of Mako I've been working on. God I hate digital coloring... I'm so terrible at it! :noes: But so I hope you're all excited about some new stuff, and new story's to come! :w00t:

Now, for the real reason while any of you even opened this damn journal in the first place...

Mtn-Man's fist Annual Contest!

          As the title suggests, this is a contest that I'm going to be holding once a year. Twice a year if I can get more people to donate some point... I can't foot the bill on my own all the time. And yeah I know my little donation box says I got like, 4,000 some odd points, but lets be real... I've had that widget since it was available FOR beta users. Most of them points are long gone, to random donations, contributing to Rising-Artists contests and gifting out premium subs to other deviants. So I'm going to push the limit out to 10,000 and see if I cant rack up some more points to help in this little endeavor of mine. 

          So, first things first, No I'm not revealing the actual contest at this moment. The actual unveil will be done probably Monday, so if that's all you tuned in for you're shit outa luck! ;p Though, i wanted to bring it up in this journal because I need some volunteers and contributions from anyone who is willing. What I need from y'all is simple: judges, prizes, moar prizes, and some free advertising. Simple enough right? So here's how it'll go...
  • Prize Donations: For this it would be swell if anyone would like to toss some spare points my way, but for this first contest I have enough for an adequate for a couple of PM's but I would like enough to do at least a full year. I'm a few hundred shy. Any how, prizes can also take the form of llamas, features, favs, and so on. Also to note, anyone who donates any sort of prize will receive recognition by way of feature by myself and perhaps others. 
  • Judges: Will be responsible to accurately gauge and evaluate the works that will be submitted. Being slightly versed in multiples forms of art is a plus but not required, though this contest will be open to all mediums. Also to note, judges Will be allowed the opportunity to participate but will not be allowed to vote for their own piece
  • Contest rules: As the contest hasn't been announced as of yet the rules I present to you are the rather vague general rules you see on most contests around dA. 
  1. You are allowed multiple submissions but can only be allotted one prize for wining. 
  2. All forms of art and mediums are permissible(stemming they are on target with the theme.)
  3. If you contribute to the prizes you are still eligible to participate and win.
  4. Judges are also eligible to participate and win.
  5. Submissions must meet the guidelines of the topic(which shall be announced at a later time) in order to be eligible for entry.
  6. You do Not have to watch me, favorite this journal, or any of that self promoting nonsense to be fully eligible to participate. 
  7. Works must be submitted After the contest opens, and Before the contests deadline.

There are a few more rules to be added, but are more topic based and I don't wish to give it away just yet. 


        Ok, so if I can get a bit of help with some prizes and other things, then this should go off without a hitch. Also, anyone who helps spread the word by linking or re-posting the actual contest journal will also receive a special thank you gift. I know the last contest that I tried to host kinda, well tanked... But after doing some administrating over at Rising-Artists and helping with their contests, I think I've got a better handle on things now. Hopefully this means there will be a better turn out then my last one. Which should translate into a bunch of fun for everyone involved. Anyone who is interested in either the contest itself or helping contribute or anything, just go ahead and drop me a line. You can comment on this journal, note me, whatever. An if anyone has feedback for what they think can improve this in anyway, I'm always up for constructive criticism so don't be afraid to yell at my for being a dummy. :B

Well that looks like its it for me, this final edit is coming at 7:30pm after taking a real long nap. So, time for me to hop in the shower and get ready to go booze it up all over Vegas tonight!I've already arranged a DD just so you know.

Till next time folks...:ahoy:

-Mtn. Man



Jared B. Anchondo
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm just a drunk with a Pen and a pad. I would like to think of myself as a comic artist, but that would be insulting to Actual comic artist.

I do draw a lot of comics, and it is my main artistic focus, but alas, I am a Terrible writer. So some of the story have a good premise but lack in fundamental story building. As such, I abandon most of them only several pages in... But I'll finish one yet damn you!

I also like to paint, I dabble in photography, and activities include fishing, shooting, spelunking, rock climbing, canyoneering, Bowling, and all around public drunkenness.

If you have any questions or need to reach me, feel free to drop me a line. I love when my message box get full, or if anything else you can try finding me here #Gotterdammerung

You Can't Stop The RIOT


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* All points donated are not for personal use, but to be used to re-donate to others and possibly hold contests in the future.

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Black and White Inked Commissions!
Beta Testing the new commission app so give me your points!
You will be handsomely rewarded with a top quality inked piece via mail by yours truly. Here are some examples of what you can expect.

One of a Kind? by Mtn-Man You Can -NOT- Advance by Mtn-Man NORTHERN HORIZON by Mtn-Man



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